Fertiliser - GAFTA Analyst and GAFTA Cargo Superintendent

As a leading provider of inspection and analytical servicesAlex Stewart Agriculture has built a trusted international reputation as a GAFTA Superintendent to the fertiliser trade over many years. We inspect fertiliser at production site, at loading or discharge port, stockpile or in the warehouse. Alex Stewart's experienced and trained inspectors are on hand around the clock to inspect a wide range of fertiliser products including bulk, bagged or liquid fertilisers :-


Alex Stewart Agriculture operates GAFTA approved fertiliser laboratories in Argentina, Chile, India, Peru , UK and the Ukraine. Fast and accurate fertiliser analysis is carried out by experienced and qualified chemists using both classical and modern methodology:

  • Kjeldahl method for Nitrogen
  • Gravimetric method for phosphates
  • ICP for Magnesium sulphate and Potassium
  • Biuret in urea by spectrophotometric method

For further information please call customer services: +44 151 525 1488