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Alex Stewart Agrticulture’sGAFTA and FOSFA approved laboratories are strategically located in the UK , China, Brazil, Chile, India, Peru, Thailand and Ukraine. Alex Stewart Agriculture’s UKAS 4352 accredited laboratory provides analytical testing for animal feedoilseeds and food at its  testing laboratories located in Liverpool, England which are purpose built and equipped with traditional and modern instrumentation, to provide a fast, reliable and accurate determinations for GAFTA and FOSFA contracts, nutritional values, calorific values, trace metals, spoilage organisms for animal feeds, regardless of whether your sample is for standard reference or part of a shipment. Laboratory Analysis Video


Alex Stewart’s Food Test Lab is an independent microbiological, chemical and nutritional food testing laboratory. Alex Stewart food testing services provide reliable microbiological, chemistry and nutritional analysis services for foodstuffs – especially important if you need detailed nutritional information for food labelling purposes. Our analytical services enable you to meet food labelling and safety regulations, achieve best practice and, above all, satisfy your consumers

Our professional and dedicated team of microbiologists and chemists use the latest technologies and work in accordance with recognized testing standards to provide fast turnaround times for laboratory tests such as salmonellacalorific values and nutritional values (Group I and Group II) in groceries, cooked or raw meats, dairy products, processed foods and exports – meat, fish, honey, milk, coffee, cocoa and beverages. Our purpose built laboratory has been designed to handle 1000’s of micro samples per day and results are delivered on time according to time bound specific service scopes for:

The brainchild of – founding FOSFA member, pharmacist, chemical engineer, scholar and analyst – A. Norman Tate & Co Ltd has built up an enviable pedigree and leading analytical know-how over more than 140 years.

In 1867, after making a name for himself in the UK chemicals and refining sectors, A. Norman Tate opened his own laboratories in Liverpool. Soon, Tate was managing one of the country’s most extensive chemical practices, specializing in waters, alkalis, petroleum, mineral oils and oils & fats.

The company continued to expand into the 20th century, in new sectors such as oilseeds, soaps and associated industries, and in new infrastructure and dockside offices. Tens of thousands of samples passed through the laboratories every year in the 1920s. The 1930s decline and WWII temporarily depressed the market, but, by the 1950s, business was flourishing again.

The product analysis portfolio continued to grow – from a focus on West African palm kernels, palm kernel oil, palm oil and sheanuts in the 50s, the company diversified into the analysis of soya beans, sunflower and sesame seeds, linseed and rapeseed analysis in recent times. Client numbers and requirements increased so much that the company had to relocate to larger premises in Bootle, just north of Liverpool city centre.

A. Norman Tate & Co Ltd joined the Alex Stewart Agriculture Group in 2004. The company continues to provide sector-leading FOSFA accredited inspection, analytical and laboratory services to clients around the world from its Aintree, Liverpool laboratory.

Few analytical or laboratory specialists can claim such an impressive pedigree as. As a fully integrated partner of Alex Stewart Agriculture, fewer still can match its modern agricultural and soft commodity analysis portfolio.

Thomas and Charles Huson set up Huson Brothers in 1846 to serve manufacturers of industrial and agricultural chemicals in and around Liverpool. Business flourished as the Port of Liverpool became one of the world’s largest import/export operations. Traders and industrial concerns relied on the expertise on offer to assess product quality and settle disputes. Chemistry graduate William Hardwick became a partner in the early 1900s – and Huson & Hardwick was born. Soon, the company had long-term analysis and consultancy contracts with the Liverpool Tate & Lyle factory, Unilever and several other high profile brands in the cane sugar, molasses and groundnut and palm kernel sectors.

Huson & Hardwick expanded into animal feeds, oils & fats, oilseeds, pet food and human foods in the late 1960s and by the mid-80s had also established a leading position in the analysis of such commodities as sheabutter and rapeseed. In 2000, Huson & Hardwick joined the Alex Stewart Group’s new agricultural section. Lines of analysis perfected over decades have been updated for the 21st century.

Today, the laboratory offers a comprehensive range of GAFTA, FOSFA analysis and also UKAS 4352 certified testing services. More than 150 years after its formation, Huson & Hardwick continues to innovate, to lead the way in the provision of cutting-edge analytical and certification services. Both A. Norman Tate and Huson & Hardwick laboratories are independent and wholly owned subsidiaries of Alex Stewart Agriculture Limited.

As part of a quality management system for oils and fats, oilseed rape, feeds and molasses all of Alex Stewart Agriculture participate in industry recognized official ring tests and all analysis is in accordance with GAFTA/FOSFA or SAL contractual standards. For a fast accurate analysis, Alex Stewart’s laboratories combine traditional wet chemistry methods with modern state of the art laboratory instrumentation:

  • Mercury (AFS)
  • Gas Chromatography
  • Kjeldahl
  • Atomic Absorption
  • ICP (Trace metal detection)
  • GC Mass Spectrometry
  • IC
  • Viscometry
  • Flame Photometry
  • Karl Fischer
  • Isoperibol Calorimeter (Calorific value determination)

Alex Stewart Agriculture provides professional and friendly customer service for all chemical and microbiological analytical services. Alex Stewart regularly participates in FOSFA and GAFTA Ring Tests and all analysis are carried out to high technical standards. Upon receipt of your samples, Alex Stewart’s Labortories will provide:

  • Sample tracking
  • Confirmation of the date your sample(s) were received
  • Advice date you can expect your final results and certificates
  • Fast turnaround and accurate results
  • A status report and provisional result updates
  • Additional tests and rechecks (as and when required)
  • Offer technical advice and result interpretation
  • Professional and friendly customer service
  • All clients’ work in complete confidentiality
  • Email e-certificate

In the event that you have a pressing commercial deadline, we can arrange to fast track your samples through the laboratory and fax or e-mail your GAFTA or FOSFA Approved Certificate of Quality.

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