Graham Stewart BA Hons, Dip mgt

Managing Director

Graham has been involved in many aspects of the business since joining more than 25 years ago. He is a graduate in professional management and languages and has proven management, organisation, financial and marketing skills, having played a key role in developing our business through sales and acquisitions, while reviving industry-important laboratories, A Norman Tate and Huson and Hardwick, and growing our customer base through digital marketing. Graham has travelled and worked extensively in South America and was the driving force behind our diversification into the agriculture business in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. Since 2004, he has led our UK business into the soft commodities sector. More recently, Graham oversaw development of our newest laboratories in Aintree, near Liverpool, in the UK.

Desmond McMillan MSc, GRSC, BSc

Chief Chemist

Des started his career in 1985 as a junior laboratory assistant at Bootle Analytical Labs. He moved to Central Edible Oils in 1988 as an oil quality control analyst, before joining the Environmental Inspectorate in 1991. He joined Alex Stewart International in 1994 as an analytical chemist, becoming Chief Chemist at Alex Stewart Agriculture in 2004. Des played a key role in integrating the A Norman Tate and Huson and Hardwick laboratories into our Group and he is a specialist at designing new laboratory installations. Des is a highly experienced quality manager and in 2011 he successfully led our laboratories to UKAS ISO 17025 accreditation. Des also played an instrumental role in designing two modern laboratories for the ASI Group.

Glenn Forbes

Global Business Executive

Glenn has 30 years’ experience and joined us in 1997. He was originally a cargo superintendent for dry and oil cargoes in the agricultural field, before taking over as Inspections Director for Alex Stewart Agriculture. Glenn has been heavily involved in training and operational programmes for clients, having spent considerable time in Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Malaysia, North America, the Philippines, Russia, Scandinavia, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine and the UK, developing staff in all aspects of agriculture inspections. Glenn is fully qualified in draft surveys, seed sampling, pest detection and agriculture, and he participates regularly in GAFTA, FOSFA and IFIA committees, while lecturing on their international training courses.

Wilson Faifer

Brazilian Business Executive

Wilson is an accomplished agricultural engineer and highly experienced business leader with an MBA from the University of São Paulo in Brazil. For three years he worked for Ciba-Geigy (now Syngenta), later joining DuPont Chemicals where he stayed for 12 years and then IQS for two years. Wilson joined us in 2005 and as well as running and growing our business in Brazil, he specialises in agriculture products, traceability and GMO.

Juan Carlos Morandeyra

Argentine Business Executive

Juan Carlos joined the Alex Stewart Agriculture Group in 2002, following 20 years working in various operations and management positions in agricultural inspection. He has been at the forefront of research and development inspections for a wide and diverse range of products and commodities. Juan Carlos has proven business management skills and he is responsible for inspections in Argentina and Uruguay, ensuring quality and quantity certification in line with FOSFA, GAFTA and ISO standards and procedures.

Krishnan Vadivelu

SE Asia Business Executive

Krishnan has more than 30 years’ experience working in the surveying industry. He is a certified and qualified palm oil and agri surveyor (MPOB, FOSFA, GAFTA) with various marine courses certificates (pipeline coating, IOPP-oil pollution, etc). Krishnan joined Alex Stewart Malaysia in 1988, rising to become General Manager and Director five years ago. He was formerly Deputy GM of BSI Inspectorate and has specialist experience in handling and managing governmental customs contracts and CMA for Petronas (MITCO) and Maybank.

Chen Wei Dong

Asia Pacific Business Executive

Wei Dong is a fully qualified independent inspector and surveyor with 25 years’ experience. His work centres on sampling and testing of various commodities, particularly grains, oils and oilseeds, fertilisers and other soft commodities for which he has played a key role in helping to set up internationally integrated inspection and testing services in China, Australia and the Americas.

Alexey Moshnyanskiy

Ukrainian Business Executive

Alexey has diplomas in marine engineering and economy awarded by Odessa National Marine University. He has worked in inspection services in Ukraine since 1997 and joined the Alex Stewart Agriculture Group in 2002. He has written two manuals and many articles on cargo surveys. He lectures on cargo surveys on postgraduate courses at Odessa National Marine University. Alexey has wide ranging experience in arranging and coordinating inspections of grains, oils, oilseeds, fertilisers and other soft commodities.

Pavels Salashny

Baltic States Business Executive

Pavels is involved with all aspects of Alex Stewart Agriculture’s supervision of grain and oilseed consignments from the Baltic States and the Russian Federation. He is a fully qualified draft surveyor with expertise in seed sampling, analysis, pest detection and other specialist areas of agriculture inspections. Pavels keeps closely in touch with all key agriculture business events in the Baltic Region, as well as new practices and challenges.

Kushal Roy

Indian Business Executive

Kushal is a Class I marine engineer with 10 years’ sea service. He is a fully qualified independent inspector/surveyor with 30 years’ experience, of which, the past 25 years have been with Alex Stewart International in the field of independent Inspection, sampling and testing of various commodities, particularly grains, oils and oilseeds, fertilisers and other soft commodities. He has played a key role in setting up internationally integrated inspection and testing services in Vizakh, Kandla and Chennai, India.

Gonzalo Paredes

Peruvian Business Executive

Gonzalo is an engineering graduate from the University of Lima who has a wide range of experience in inspection and analytical processes. He joined Alex Stewart Assayers del Peru in 2002 and specialises in quality management. Gonzalo’s involvement includes overseeing inspections and sampling operations of Peruvian exports and commercial development of our environmental and food laboratories in Peru.

Mauricio Robles

Bolivian Business Executive

Mauricio is a fully qualified environmental engineer who holds a masters degree in environmental management. He is a specialist in environmental education, which enables the company in Bolivia to work to ISO 14001 standards. Mauricio began his career with Alex Stewart Agriculture and Environmental Services Bolivia in 2004. Since then, he has assembled a dedicated team to provide consultation and project assessment for environment and occupational health projects for the agriculture and environmental industry sectors. Mauricio has also set up inspection and quality-control services for exportation of sesame, soya, beans and by-products from Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Levent Delibas

Turkish Business Executive

Levant Delibas graduated in 1984 from Bosphorus University in Istanbul with a degree in computer sciences. In 1986 he started his inspection career as a surveyor at Vitsan Gözetim A.S. (Inspectorate). During seven successful years, he rose to the position of Assistant General Manager at Vitsan. In 1993 he joined and soon established Alex Stewart Uluslararası Gözetim AŞ. Levent’s experience covers agriculture, liquid cargoes and marine surveys at all major Turkish ports.

Joar Oygard 

Scandinavian Business Executive

Joar has been heavily involved with successful development of Alex Stewart Environmental Services and several new environmental projects. Our environmental laboratories in Odda in southwestern Norway work to ISO standards and report organic and non-organic parameters to ppm and ppb levels. Types of analysis include: waters and bacteria in water, pollutants, heavy metals, anions, seawater; soils and sewage treatment; environmentally sensitive mining projects, geological research and soil clean-up projects.

Jennifer Thomas

Group Microbiologist

Jennifer graduated in 2002 from the University of Central Lancashire with a degree in microbiology. She worked in the pharmaceutical industry for three years before joining CP Kelco, a fermentation plant that pioneered Xanthan gum production. Jennifer joined Alex Stewart Agriculture in 2008 as Microbiology Manager, to oversee all aspects of our microbiology laboratory and establish a laboratory management system in accordance with ISO 17025.

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