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Food Testing Services

Huson and Hardwick’s Food Test Lab is an independent microbiological, chemical and nutritionalfood testing laboratoryOur food test lab services provide microbiological and chemical analysis services for food and pet food , especially important if you need detailed analysis information for labelling purposes. Our accredited analytical services enable you to meet food labelling and safety regulations, achieve best practice and, above all, satisfy your consumers.

Alex Stewart Agriculture’s ISO 17025:2017 accredited testing number (4352) laboratorin Liverpool UK and also in Shanghai China and Lima Peru carry out the most accurate time focused microbiological testing and food testing and food analysis including:

Our professional and dedicated team of microbiologists and experienced chemists use the latest technologies and provide fast turnaround times for spoilage organisms, trace metal tests, calorific values and nutritional analysis (Groups I and II) in food. Our purpose built laboratory has been designed to handle 1000’s of micro samples per day and results are delivered on time according to time bound specific service scopes:

  • 10 day
  • 5 day
  • 3 day
  • Same day


Stowage report from container truck to reefer vessel in accordance with food quality and safety standards are core inspection services for inspection of meat.

Photographic evidence and a full operations report are normally issued within 24 hours of operations completion, final reports and certificates including full cargo stowage plan are delivered within 3 working days.

Seafood and food inspection services are carried out at Alex Stewart’s FOSFA, GAFTA and ISO 17025 approved laboratories in Argentina, China, Chile, Ecuador, Norway, Peru and the UK for both importers and exporters of fish and seafood.


  • Full visual examination for category, size, composition, odour, colour, packing and marking
  • Temperature determination
  • Quantity determination – pieces per carton/container, gross tare, net and average weight
  • Calculation, frozen and if required, defrosted
  • Photographic evidence, full report and certification services
  • Swabbing, sampling and monitoring for microbiological bacteria in plants, factories, warehouses, food production lines, food preparation areas, storage bays and manufacturing areas.

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Food Testing Services


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